Majority of political scientists agree to English as application language


A pictogram with regulations in law. © SNSF

The SNSF is pleased to acknowledge that a majority of members of the Swiss Political Science Association (SVPW) are in agreement with a changeover to English for the language of applications in the political sciences. The result of the consultative SVPW survey will be re-discussed by the relevant bodies at the SNSF, which will make its final decision on the changeover in May, effective 1 October 2015.

In the event of a change to English, the SNSF will continue to offer political scientists the option of submitting their application in an official Swiss language, provided they enclose an English translation of the research plan (Clause 1.5 para 2 General implementation regulations for the Funding Regulations). In addition, the SNSF will continue to finance the publication of research results in different Swiss languages so that research findings are communicated appropriately for the different target groups.

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