More Sinergia applications: 126 projects submitted in 2015


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By 15 January 2015, 126 Sinergia applications had been submitted to the SNSF, 40% more than last year. All in all, grants worth a total of CHF 207 million were requested by researchers.

The SNSF received 126 Sinergia applications from researchers by 15 January 2015. This number is 40% higher than last year (89 applications in 2014, 98 in 2013). A total amount of CHF 207 million was requested by researchers (146 million last year). The share of interdisciplinary proposals (45%) as well as the share of proposals focusing on biology and medicine (54%), on the humanities and social sciences (20%) and on mathematics and the natural and engineering sciences (26%) remained largely unchanged, thus reflecting a general trend in the programme.

The SNSF received 17 follow-up applications involving all the partners of the initial projects as well as 22 resubmissions. The share of resubmissions rose to 18% (12% in 2014) and that of follow‐up proposals to 14% (9% in 2014).

Sinergia panel members 2015

The same panel as last year will evaluate this year's Sinergia proposals. It includes the members of the Specialised Committee for Interdisciplinary Research (FA ID) and the same nine external members. Moreover, due to the high number of proposals submitted this year, at least six additional external members will be solicited in due course.


Interdivisional Coordination and Cooperative Research division (CoRe)