Sinergia: 42 new grants for 2015


The SNSF will fund 42 new Sinergia projects with a total amount of CHF 63.8 million. All in all, researchers had requested grants worth CHF 202 million.

​By 15 January 2015, the SNSF had received 126 Sinergia proposals, 40% more than last year. The main disciplines of the proposals were distributed as follows across the research areas: 20% humanities and social sciences; 26% mathematics, natural and engineering sciences; 54% biology and medicine. The share of funded proposals per research area corresponded to 17%, 33% and 50% respectively. Of the submitted proposals, 45% were interdisciplinary in nature, while the share of funded interdisciplinary proposals corresponded to 36%.

Due to the 40% rise in the number of Sinergia proposals, the success rate of 33% was lower than in the previous years. In 2014, it was 39%, which is at the same time the average success rate recorded between 2011 and 2015.

The funds requested in the approved proposals were cut by 6% on average. 93% of the main applicants of funded projects work at a Swiss university of ETH, while the remaining 7% are employed either at a research centre or at another higher education institution.



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