More time for research projects in hospitals


A new initiative of the SNSF ensures that medical researchers can dedicate 30 percent of their working time to their research projects.

For clinical researchers it is often difficult to find enough time for research in their daily schedules. The new initiative "Protected Research Time for Clinicians" (PRTC) is intended to help especially younger clinicians to dedicate at least 30 percent of their working time to research projects funded by the SNSF. They will be relieved of their clinical duties during protected time.

The salary costs related to this protected research time are assumed by the SNSF and the concerned hospital in equal parts. With this initiative, which will run till 2020, the SNSF is responding to a need expressed by researchers; this need has also prompted the federal government to include protected time in its measures to strengthen biomedical research in Switzerland. The impact of the initiative will be assessed in collaboration with the hospitals involved at the beginning of 2019.


Division: Biology and Medicine