Support for investigator initiated clinical trials


For the first time, the SNSF is launching a call for independent, clinical studies.

​Aim and scope

The call concerns prospective, randomised, interventional, multicentric studies of new or existing treatments. Support will be given to studies that are not in the industry focus and whose topics are as yet under-researched (e.g. rare diseases, paediatric diseases, therapy combinations, dosage reduction studies and rehabilitation measures). The studies are clinically relevant and of public interest.

Studies conducted for directly commercial purposes will not be funded.
Also excluded are observation studies, explorative studies, translational studies, experimental studies on healthy subjects, pathophysiological studies of patients, diagnosis studies and prognosis studies. Such studies are eligible to apply for SNSF project funding. In addition, technology development for new treatments will not be supported.

Call for proposals

Two calls are planned in 2015 and 2016: the SNSF is assigning a maximum budget of CHF 10 million to each call. The money is to be used to support at least 4-5 studies per call.

Subsequent calls as of 2017 will be conditional on the funds available for this programme pursuant to the ERI Dispatch.

Deadlines for the 2015 call for proposals

The deadline for the submission of applications is 15 October 2015. Researchers wishing to participate need to submit a letter of intent to the SNSF by 26 August 2015.


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