ERC Transfer Grants - maintaining Switzerland's appeal for highly qualified researchers


Thanks to the new ERC Transfer Grants launched by the SNSF, researchers abroad who received an ERC Starting or Consolidator Grant in 2014 can continue their careers in Switzerland without losing any research funds.

​In the context of Switzerland's temporary exclusion from European research funding, the ERC decided that ERC Starting and Consolidator Grants awarded in 2014 are not transferable to Switzerland. This means that holders of these grants will lose the relevant funds if they accept a position at a Swiss institution and wish to start or continue their project there. In order to prevent this loss of funding, the SNSF is offering ERC Transfer Grants as compensation with immediate effect. This measure by the SNSF is aimed at safeguarding Switzerland's appeal as a research location. Researchers can submit applications for ERC Transfer Grants as of now via mySNF. In addition, retroactive applications can be submitted till the end of 2015. Researchers who wish to apply are requested to contact the SNSF in advance (see "Contact"). All necessary information, FAQs and documents concerning ERC Transfer Grants and the already concluded Temporary Backup Schemes can be found on the "Temporary ERC Backup Schemes" website. The SNSF wishes to point out that any non-association of Switzerland with Horizon 2020 as of 2017 would result in a substantially higher number of non-transferable ERC grants. This would in turn reduce the attractiveness of Swiss research institutions at international level. It is therefore important to develop appropriate counter-measures well in advance.


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