SNSF professorships

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The SNSF professorships enable excellent young researchers who wish to pursue an academic career and have several years of recognised research experience to take a major step forward.

​Within the scope of the funding made available by the Federal Council for the Action Plan "Coordinated Energy Research in Switzerland", researchers in the area of energy, in particular, are invited to apply for an SNSF professorship. The SNSF thereby contributes to the establishment of competencies in energy research.

An SNSF professorship in Alzheimer's research may be funded by the Synapsis Foundation - Alzheimer Research Switzerland ARS in Zurich. The standard SNSF evaluation procedure is followed. The Synapsis-SNSF-Professorship  is based on the SNSF regulations and is subject to specific arrangements, which would be defined in the approval letter.


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SNSF professorships