Gabriele Gendotti reelected as President of the Foundation Council


On 29 January, the Foundation Council of the Swiss National Science Foundation reelected Gabrielle Gendotti as president for a four-year term.

At its constitutive meeting for the 2016-2019 period, it also reelected Professor Felicitas Pauss as its Vice President. In addition, it elected the fifteen-member Executive Committee of the Foundation Council and co-opted seven new members to the Council.

The Foundation Council is entitled to increase and diversify its membership through co-optation. From now on, it will comprise 41 members, whose names are listed on following website: › Foundation Council and Executive Committee

As stipulated in the revised Statutes, the representation of men and women on the Council amounts to at least 30% for each gender.

As the highest body of the SNSF, the Foundation Council takes decisions of a strategic nature. It ensures that the goals set by the Foundation are pursued, defines the SNSF stance on research policy issues and endorses its planning. The Foundation Council is composed of delegates of higher education institutions and other academic institutions in Switzerland as well as of political and economic representatives appointed by the Federal Council.


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