Martin Vetterli steps down as president at the SNSF


Martin Vetterli, president of the National Research Council of the SNSF, will step down after finishing his four-year mandate at the end of 2016 to become president of EPFL. He will be leaving "convinced that the SNSF's support of investigator-driven basic research of high quality is more important than ever".

Since taking office on 1 January 2013, Martin Vetterli has made major contributions to several successful projects, in particular the setting-up of Temporary Backup Schemes to compensate for Switzerland's temporary exclusion from European research agreements following the acceptance of the popular initiative against mass immigration. His other achievements have included strengthening the promotion of young researchers in the multi-year plan 2013-2016 and campaigning for Open Access and Open Science on behalf of the SNSF. He will not seek a second term of office at the SNSF as he will be succeeding Patrick Aebischer as president of EPFL in 2017.

In his last ten months at the SNSF, Martin Vetterli intends to drum up more support for research, education and innovation. "In times of crisis it is particularly important to invest in our future and in our excellent young researchers." In this context, the SNSF's efforts to support outstanding scientific research are "more important than ever", he explains.

Gabriele Gendotti, president of the Foundation Council, congratulated Martin Vetterli on his appointment as president of EPFL and wished him all the best in his new job starting in 2017. He also thanked him for his tireless dedication to science and to the SNSF. A nomination commission led by Gabriele Gendotti will be in charge of appointing his successor.

The SNSF has a federal mandate to fund basic research and promote young researchers in Switzerland using public money. Around 14,000 researchers from all scientific disciplines are awarded SNSF funding every year.


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