A fresh view on research culture


The new website sciencegeist.com curates news and opinions about on-going science policy issues.

How to ensure that research results are sound, reliable and reproducible? What should be improved in the current academic publication system? How does research evaluation affect the way science is done?

The new platform sciencegeist.com focuses on such questions by gathering daily news from the international media, blogs and science journals. Its goal: to inform the research community about the latest discussions on science policy issues such as peer review, open science, career options, misconduct or reproducibility.

The site acts as a growing and searchable news archive, already comprising more than 1,800 articles gathered since 2013. It also offers a weekly newsletter bringing you the freshest news about research culture. The platform invites you to contribute by posting your own links to articles to the platform. All entries are curated.

ScienceGeist is supported by the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF), Switzerland’s principal research funding organisation. The SNSF finances over 3,400 projects involving 14,000 researchers every year, and encourages debates on the way science is performed.


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