Research database P3: new interactive visualizations of SNSF data


It is now easier to obtain a clear and transparent overview of the thousands of scientific research projects funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF). Its P3 database has been redesigned to display information interactively.

In total, the database contains almost 63,000 projects dating back to 1975. It is possible to search it for funding by discipline, funding by university or research institute, fellowships by host country or international co-operation.

The redesign makes it possible to search for results using criteria other than keywords. Consequently, researchers can find out what types of project are supported in the various disciplines.

As part of its policy of transparency with regard to the funding it awards to researchers, the SNSF makes its open data available to anyone interested. The key data (projects, people and publications) can also be downloaded for analysis or sharing. In doing so, the SNSF is aligning itself with the Federal Council's Open Government Data strategy.

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