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Dieses Bild zeigt das Cover der aktuellen Horizonte-Ausgabe.

Horizons highlights how the open science movement aims to make research more efficient, useful and reliable.

Weapons are developed, produced, sold and used in Switzerland. Horizons's June edition looks at the ambivalent relationship between research, politics and society, on the one hand, and weapons, on the other. Arms money flows into research in Switzerland too - but what kind of research is rarely discussed in the open.

Personalised medicine is another main topic in the science magazine published by the Swiss National Science Foundation and the Swiss Academies of Arts and Sciences. A removable four-page article explains how modern medicine uses data garnered from biobanks, cohort studies and patient records to develop more efficient forms of treatment.

Horizons' latest issue also visits remote Alpine valleys that are struggling with the consequences of structural change. Instead of pinning their hopes on growth and foreign investors, shrinking - a kind of organised retreat - might be a better remedy for their problems.

Other articles look at the rapid evolution of artificial intelligence and medicine's relationship with palliative care. In addition, the departing EPFL president, Patrik Aebischer, explains how he took the Federal Institute to its current heightsand.

Horizons 110 (September 2016): Open up, science! (Article and online magazine)

Horizons, the Swiss research magazine, brings you the latest science news and discusses current research policy issues in an international context. Horizons is published four times a year by the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF) in collaboration with the Swiss Academies of Arts and Sciences. German and French versions are published in print form, and an English version is available online.

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