Call for tenders: evaluation of three National Research Programmes (NRPs)


The SNSF launches a call to evaluate the social impact of the National Research Programmes 59, 60 and 61. The submission deadline is 15 November 2016.

National Research Programmes are conducted by the SNSF based on a mandate from the Federal Council. The aim of NRPs is to generate scientific results that have a real impact on society. This target goes beyond academic research to include social, political and economic concerns.

Division IV of the SNSF manages the NRPs and wants to know more about their social impact. It is therefore launching a call for tenders for the evaluation of three programmes: NRP 59 "Benefits and Risks of the Deliberate Release of Genetically Modified Plants" (2006-2013), NRP 60 "Gender Equality" (2009-2015) and NRP 61 "Sustainable Water Management" (2008-2014).

The evaluation results will be set out in a report analysing the three NRPs and comparing their processes and tools. The aim is to draw conclusions on how the management of NRPs and their impact could be enhanced.

The call is public and addresses institutions specialising in the evaluation of research policies. The submission deadline is 15 November 2016.


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