Historical documents made accessible: SNSF funding for 23 edition projects


During the funding period 2017-2020, the SNSF will support 23 edition projects with a total amount of CHF 23.1 million.

Starting in 2017, the SNSF will coordinate the funding of editions in the scope of its infrastructure support. In 2014, the SNSF launched a call for proposals as part of its 2017-2020 multi-year planning, addressing those responsible for new and ongoing edition projects in Switzerland. Following a two-stage evaluation procedure comprising project outlines and full applications, 23 editions projects have been selected for funding from a total amount of CHF 23.1 million during the period 2017-2020.

Editions provide access to historical documents and make them available to further research. The document spectrum ranges from publications of historical sources to collections of works and letters by interesting personalities. Researchers from across all disciplines of the humanities are interested in the historical and critical examination of text, images and music: Linguists and students of literature will find as much material for their research work as will theologists, philosophers and historians, and students of law, art and music.

In this digital age, the production of editions is open to significant innovative possibilities, with a range of new options for digital processing and publication becoming available. In accordance with the SNSF's Open Data and Open Access policies, the materials and commentaries gathered in these editions should be made easily and freely accessible where possible. This will allow researchers to make the best use of editions in the way that was intended, enabling and removing barriers to further research.


Humanities and Social Sciences Division
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