Media courses for researchers: media training and writing workshops in 2017


Media relations and media attention follow their own set of rules. Find out how to make your research visible to a wider public and understandable to more than just a few.

The SNSF media courses are mainly aimed at scientists who already have some research experience as postdocs and are funded by the SNSF or its partners, the Commission for Technology and Innovation (CTI) or the Mercator foundation Switzerland. But the offer is in principle open to all advanced researchers who wish to become more adept at dealing with the media.

New teachers

Around 600 researchers have attended the SNSF's media courses since 2008. For 2017, we have formed a new team that has just as much experience in online and print journalism as in radio and television journalism and science communication. In the French-speaking part of Switzerland, the former radio journalist and experienced media coach Jean Blaise Held (Microplume) will be giving the courses. The teachers in German-speaking Switzerland are Nadine Hostetter and Urs Kern (tv-medientrainer), both longstanding media coaches for Swiss-German television.

The SNSF media courses could be your first step into non-scientific communication techniques or an invaluable refresher for skills you have already learnt.

The dates and venues as well as the registration form can be found at the following links: