Swiss researchers participate in seven projects funded by the ERA-NET BiodivERsA


Swiss researchers are participating in seven projects funded by the ERA-NET BiodivERsA joint transnational call 2015.

The ERA-NET BiodivERsA joint transnational call JTC 2015 focused on understanding and managing biodiversity dynamics to improve ecosystem functioning and delivery of ecosystem services in a global change context. In total, 128 consortium proposals were submitted. After a highly competitive selection process, 26 projects were selected for funding, among them seven with Swiss partners:

  • Beat Frey (WSL Zurich): Climate change impacts on Arctic soil and lake microbiomes (CLIMARCTIC)
  • Andreas Lüscher (Agroscrope Zurich): BIOINVENT
  • Paul Mäder (FiBL): Managing soil biodiversity and ecosystem services in agroecosystems across Europe under climate change (SOILCLIM)
  • Anders Meibom (EPFL): The role of microbial biodiversity in the functioning of marine tidal flat sediments (BIO-Tide)
  • Marco Moretti (WSL Zurich): Connectivity of green and blue infrastructures: living veins for biodiverse and healthy cities (BIOVEINS)
  • Seyfi Arpat Ozgul (Université de Zurich): Scenarios for a sustainable future forest green infrastructure (GREENFUTUREFOREST)
  • Marcel Van der Heijden (Agroscope Zurich): Agro-ecosystem diversification (digging deeper)

All these projects will be financially supported by SNSF in the coming year.

BiodivERsA 2015-2016 Joint Call


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