Infographics: Swiss energy research


The SNSF presents an overview of energy research in Switzerland: research areas and disciplines, institutions, financing, funding schemes.

A larger number of stakeholders support and play a part in energy research in Switzerland. The interactive infographics of the SNSF offer an overview.

Graphics based on statistics of the Swiss Federal Office of Energy show:

  • which research institutions (universities, ETH domain, UAS) are conducting studies in which area (renewables, efficiency, etc.);
  • which institutions (government, cantons, etc.) are funding research and by what means.

Other infographics provide details of all projects financed by the SNSF in the energy sector: funding, project names, scientific disciplines, funding schemes, home institution.

The infographics are published on This platform offers access to the SNSF project database and presents interactive infographics on research funding.


Anne Jorstad