Snapshots of research


The photos that Swiss researchers submitted to the SNSF Scientific Image Competition offer a surprising, nuanced picture of science. They prompt astonishment, they inspire and they tell stories. The image editor for Horizons, Valérie Chételat, has chosen her own favourites from among them, independent of the jury's decision.

(From "Horizons" no. 113 June 2017)​​​

​SNSF Scientific Image Competition

They illustrate what researchers experience in their work, and show who they are: these are the images, photos and videos that were submitted for the new SNSF competition for scientific images. Some 239 people from all regions of Switzerland took part. In total, 437 images and 60 videos were submitted in the four categories 'Object of study', 'Men and women of science', 'Locations and instruments' and 'Video loop'.

"The images submitted illustrate the fascinating diversity of scientific research", says Pascal Hufschmid of the Musée de l'Elysée in Lausanne, who was the president of the international jury that selected one winner from each of the four categories. There were no microscopy images among the winners. "This may come as a surprise", says Matthias Egger, the President of the National Research Council of the SNSF. "In fact, it highlights the visual richness and the scope of scientific practice today". The jury's selection and links to the images submitted can be found at: