PRIMA - first call for proposals

Submission deadline


PRIMA grants are aimed at excellent female researchers in Switzerland and abroad who aspire to a professorship in Switzerland.

PRIMA will allow the SNSF to fund 10 to 12 women researchers from all disciplines and give them a chance to conduct a project of their own at a Swiss higher education institution. With a duration of 5 years, PRIMA grants cover the grantee's salary and project costs, which include material costs related to the project, salaries of hired staff and mobility (stays/visits abroad).

The scheme will offer researchers an opportunity to distinguish themselves with a view to obtaining a professorship. If a researcher is appointed as professor during the PRIMA funding period, the remaining PRIMA grant will be transferred as research funds to the new place of work.

A data management plan (DMP) for the lifecyle of the research results is an integral part of a PRIMA research proposal. The DMP is a long-term plan, showing how the data are produced, collected, documented, published and archived. In addition, the SNSF expects PRIMA grant holders to allow open access to all of the underlying data of a publication, unless prevented by legislation or ethical rules.