NRP 73: 25 research projects approved


The SNSF has approved 25 research projects for NRP 73 "Sustainable Economy". The projects were awarded CHF 16.2 million in total.

Of the 92 pre-proposals submitted for the call, the SNSF has approved 25 research projects for NRP 73 "Sustainable Economy" on the recommendation of the Steering Committee, corresponding to a success rate of 27.2%.

Most of the selected research projects involve a combination of approaches, concepts and methods from different disciplines and collaboration with partners in the private sector, public offices and civil society.

40% of the selected projects are in the field of economics, 36% mainly concern the environmental and engineering sciences, and another 8% are focused on business administration. The remaining 16% comprise projects in different fields of the humanities and social sciences.

Thirteen projects are from the ETH-Domain, six from institutes at cantonal universities and two from universities of applied sciences, while four projects are based at other research institutes.

The researchers and the Steering Committee will convene for a kick-off meeting on 22 and 23 January 2018. The primary goal is to get to know one another and share views and information, to identify each project's contribution to the key questions of NRP 73 and to create a common identity.

To coincide with this event, lay summaries outlining the background, aims and significance of the individual projects will be published on this site.

NRP 73 aims to:

  • acquire scientific knowledge to better understand and facilitate a sustainable economy;
  • identify opportunities and risks against the backdrop of a globally connected Swiss economy;
  • understand the dependencies and insecurities resulting from the chosen measures and instruments;
  • identify future areas of action and propose specific areas for implementation;

NRP 73 takes account of environmental, economic and societal aspects and studies all natural resources and stages in the value chain.

In so doing, it contributes to a more sustainable economy that uses natural resources sparingly, while also increasing social welfare and the competitiveness of Switzerland as an economic hub.

List of projects (PDF)


Dr Pascal Walther
Programme Manager
Tel. +41 31 308 22 22