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Horizons goes in search of new economic theories. Economics as a science has barely changed since the real estate bubble burst. But is Homo really that oeconomicus? And how long will it take to build an economy that is truly sustainable?

​The concept of growth still dominates economics. The jury is still out on whether gross domestic product can be detached from resource use or economic output reduced without weakening society. Horizons shines a light on the ongoing debate among economists, the economic challenges of tomorrow, and critically examines the notion that people always want more.

In another key article, a superhero attempts to rescue science, which is chasing citations instead of developing creative ideas. We ask our readers: what kind of researchers do you think are needed?

The latest Horizons issue also reveals how many calories we can burn with mild physical activity, how new computer chips are imitating the behaviour of neurons and that most people would pronounce the same punishments as judges do.

In other articles, the cybersecurity expert Solange Ghernaouti describes how she became the first female professor at the Lausanne Economics Faculty, and the Bernese virologist Volker Thiel explains how a common cold among camels can lead to a fatal respiratory infection in a human being. In addition, researchers studying Turkey tell of the practical problems they have to overcome in their work.

Horizons 114 (September 2017): Which Economy? (Article and online magazine)

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