New SNSF website on open access


How does the SNSF promote open access to publications? Our new website tells you all you need to know about financial support and open access (OA) in general.

The SNSF has set itself a clear goal: by 2020, all publications relating to projects fund-ed by the SNSF are openly accessible. With this end in mind, it enhanced its OA fund-ing in April 2018. It now contributes towards the cost of publishing book chapters and continues its support beyond the end of the project.

"We wanted to make sure that researchers know about all our funding offers. So we launched a dedicated OA website," says Tobias Philipp, coordinator of the OA strategy of the SNSF. The website outlines which charges are covered, details the funding condi-tions and explains how to submit applications.

And there is more. "We also provide information about open access in general," says Tobias Philipp. "The internet offers endless definitions and news about the topic. This makes it difficult for researchers to keep track and identify reliable information." For this reason, official definitions of open access are included on the new site, along with reports on national and international developments, and FAQs. The SNSF will regularly update the site and add new content.

Open access website of the SNSF


Open Access to Publications