Research magazine Horizons: Research in crisis zones


This picture shows the cover of the current Horizons issue.

Beware of the dangers of research! The new Horizons travels to conflict zones around the world and meets the courageous men and women who take risks in the pursuit of knowledge.

Whether it's a territorial conflict, rival fan groups, the outbreak of an epidemic or a natural disaster - there are many reasons why researchers might find themselves in dangerous situations. Read in the current issue of Horizons how they prepare themselves for risky research and what they do when it comes to the crunch.

The second key topic of this issue offers lighter reading: when researchers hit the keyboard, they sometimes write poetry, novels or crime stories. Often they are the protagonists of popular fiction, be it as a genius or a mad scientist, or even as a corpse. Our reviews of new literature from Switzerland will help you choose your beach books.

Other highlights: a theologian on a digital mission, high-tech materials inspired by prototypes in nature and the use of blockchain technology in science.

The current issue of Horizons is - as always - as diverse as research itself. And accessible to everyone!


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