Interdisciplinary, collaborative and innovative - 16 Sinergia projects


The SNSF is investing 39.8 million francs in another series of Sinergia projects involving more than one discipline. 50 researchers will receive funding.

In December 2018, the SNSF received 83 applications for Sinergia grants. They concern 97 disciplines, of which approx. half are in biology and medicine, with the humanities and social sciences and mathematics, natural and engineering sciences each accounting for one quarter.

16 projects were selected for funding based on the exacting evaluation process. Hence the success rate in this semester lies at 20%. The projects will receive 2.4 million francs on average, or 39.8 million in total. Most of them will run for four years.

Reaction to radiation therapy

One of the projects deals with radiation therapy. Researchers at Lausanne University Hospital and at the University of Bordeaux analyse the physical and chemical parameters that distinguish an ultra-high dose rate from normal dose rates. At the same time, they will observe the biological reaction to this strong radiation, particularly the inflammatory signals und immune regulation. The study aims to generate the knowledge needed to treat cancer patients with ultra-high doses of radiation.

Rousseau's herbarium

Another project examines the herbarium of the philosopher and nature researcher Jean-Jacques Rousseau, which comprises around 3000 plant species. The researchers take into account the intellectual and scientific context of Rousseau's time. In addition, they want to highlight changes in the flora of the Neuchâtel region between the 18th century and the present day. This involves how plants have spread, the development of endangered plants, mosses and lichens as well as the existence of non-native species.

Of the 50 grantees, 76% per cent work at a Swiss university or at ETHZ/EPFL, 4% at another research institution or a non-university hospital, 4% at a university of applied sciences and 16% at a university abroad. The full list of projects can be found on the Sinergia website.


Division: InterCo - Interdisciplinary and International Cooperation