NRP 40+ "Right-wing Extremism - Causes and Counter-measures"

The aim of the National Research Programme "Right-wing Extremism -Causes and Counter-measures" (NRP 40+) is to increase the knowledge of the causes, the profile, the extent and the consequences of right-wing extremist activities and attitudes in Switzerland. The programme particularly intends to promote research on the social context of right-wing extremism as well as the evaluation of potential counter-measures. The results should establish a basis for future strategies for controlling and reducing right-wing extremism at municipal, cantonal or national levels. Furthermore, the programme intends to enhance links between research into right-wing extremism in Switzerland and related scholarship in other countries.

Facts & figures
FrameworkCHF 4'000'000
​​President of the steering committee​Marcel A. Niggli, Seminar für Strafrecht, Universität Freiburg
​Scientific secretariatStephanie M. Schönholzer, SNSF
Start of researchJuly/August 2003