NRP 49 "Antibiotic resistance"

​The National Research Programme "Antibiotic resistance" (NRP 49) intended to focus on establishing scientific strategies and new methods applicable to a prospective system of resistance monitoring and on the analysis of the current situation concerning resistance in Switzerland, in all relevant areas (human and animal populations, agriculture, foodstuffs and the environment). The mobility of resistant bacteria or resistance genes and the resulting risk for future therapies have been evaluated. Molecular studies on the emergence of antibiotic resistance provided new knowledge for the development of new antibiotics and new methods of in vitro detection. Furthermore, social, legal, ethical and economical consequences of the development of antibiotic resistance and a possible modification of rulings on the use of antibiotics have been estimated.

Facts & figures
FrameworkCHF 12'000'000
​Duration5 years
​​President of the steering committeeJean-Claude Piffaretti, Interlifescience, Massagno
​Implementation OfficerFrancesco Lurati, Università della Svizzera italiana, Lugano
Programme CoordinatorBarbara Flückiger Schwarzenbach, SNSF
Work launchJuly 2001
​End of research​June 2006