Horizons No. 104, March 2015

Focus: Researchers in Politics !?!

  • Scientists combat pseudoscience


    Research and health care both function best in a country where science policy decisions are subject to transparent rules and based on scientific evidence. Otherwise, pseudoscience and capriciousness soon flourish. A glance at Italy shows just how quickly things can deteriorate. By Mirko Bischofberger


  • On an ant’s graveyard


    Colonies of individuals closely related in their genetic make-up should really be an ideal playing field for pathogens – like monocultures in cornfields. But ants possess a social immunity and astonishing collective defence mechanisms. By Ori Schipper


  • Surveying the underworld


    The Mayas believed that the giant karst cave system of the Yucatán Peninsula was the entrance to the underworld. Swiss researchers are now investigating how it was formed – with the help of underwater divers and mathematical formulas. By Simon Koechlin


  • Special mission: Ebola


    Switzerland is playing an important role in managing the Ebola crisis – both in its position as the seat of the WHO and as a centre of research. We offer a glance behind the scenes of a large-scale medical operation that began late, but has been all the more decisive for it. By Roland Fischer


  • “Islam is portrayed as a problem for society”


    When there is a conflict about swimming at school or building minarets, it’s because all those involved – including Muslims – want to secure their own structures, says the Islamic scholar Reinhard Schulze. But because systems are adaptive, the rules can change too. When it comes to integrating the Muslim population in Switzerland, we have to set up negotiation processes. By Susanne Wenger


  • A difficult relationship


    Science is always political. But this does not necessarily mean that scientists should enter politics, even if the boundary between the two fields once was porous. There are many issues involved in what is a difficult relationship. By Urs Hafner


  • Horizons magazine: Researchers in politics


    The latest issue of Horizons focuses on the relationships between science and politics.



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