Editorial staff

Photograph of Daniel Saraga.

Daniel Saraga (dsa) is Head of Science Communication at the SNSF and editor-in-chief of "Horizons". A science journalist, he was previously in charge of the European science magazine "Technologist". Daniel Saraga studied physics at EPFL and obtained his PhD from University College London. He also worked as a researcher at the Swiss Nanoscience Institute and founded the Café Scientifique Basel. E-mail daniel.saraga@snf.ch

Photograph of Pascale Hofmeier

​Pascale Hofmeier (hpa) is a science editor for the humanities and social sciences. She studied psychology and media studies at the universities of Bern and Valencia and has a degree in journalism from MAZ, the Swiss school for journalists in Lucerne. In the last ten years before joining the SNSF, she worked as an editor for the daily newspapers "Der Bund", "Freiburger Nachrichten" and "bz Basel". E-mail pascale.hofmeier@snf.ch

Photograph of Florian Fisch.

Florian Fisch is science editor in the areas of biology and medicine. He studied biology at the universities of Lausanne and Neuchâtel, did research work at the Botanical Institute in Basel and obtained his PhD in biochemistry at the University of York (UK). While working as a freelance journalist, he contributed articles to the Neue Zürcher Zeitung (NZZ), NZZ am Sonntag, Laborjournal and other media outlets. E-mail florian.fisch@snf.ch

​This Rutishauser (tr) is Head of Communications at the Swiss Academies of Arts and Sciences. He studied geography, history and earth sciences in Berne, Stockholm and Barcelona. Since 1999, This Rutishauser worked as a freelance reporter for Swiss newspapers, as texter for a communication agency and as a communications officer at ETH Zurich.
E-mail this.rutishauser@akademien-schweiz.ch

Photograph of Marcel Falk.

Marcel Falk (mf) is head of communication at the Swiss Academy of Natural Sciences. In his previous post, he was in charge of the communication division of the Federal Veterinary Office. Marcel Falk has a biology degree from the Center of Molecular Sciences in Basel. He completed an internship at "bild der wissenschaft" and worked as a science journalist in Germany and Switzerland. E-mail marcel.falk@scnat.ch