Swiss Science Prize Latsis

Maryna Viazovska awarded 2020 Prize

The 2020 Swiss Science Prize Latsis with an award sum of CHF 100,000 goes to Maryna Viazovska. The young EPFL mathematics professor from Ukraine achieved a scientific breakthrough in solving the sphere-packing problem in 2016. Research results on sphere packing in high-dimensional spaces also have practical applications in everyday technology. For example, in the analysis of crystal structures or in troubleshooting signal transmission of mobile phones, space probes or internet connections.

Independent research of high quality

Worth 100,000 Swiss francs, the Swiss Science Prize Latsis – formerly National Latsis Prize – rewards researchers up to the age of 40 for outstanding achievements in basic science. Their work must be distinguished by a high degree of independence and scientific quality.

The SNSF awards the prize annually on behalf of the Latsis Foundation of Geneva. The winner is chosen by the National Research Council.


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