Measured use of new communication channels

​Thanks to new electronic information channels, the media are becoming more and more diversified and information flow is rapidly gathering pace. The demands placed on the senders' and receivers' of information are thereby multiplied. Which information is suited to which channels? Can we simply replace old channels with new ones? How can I avoid being inundated by information and succeed in getting the information I need? Which media do I use for this?

The SNSF wishes to make the most of the opportunities offered by the large variety of channels. In this way, it aims to make its funding activities better known and more transparent, to expand its services and to make the results of SNSF-funded research more accessible to society. With this in mind, the SNSF has redesigned its website: among other features, the new site includes a new selection tool for funding schemes and the recently expanded research database P3. In addition, we are offering more information by increasing our activities on social media sites and by introducing the SNSF blog and the SNSF World Network for researchers funded by the SNSF. That said, we will make every effort to communicate in a measured way and will focus on providing targeted information in line with the needs of users.

In the course of these innovations, the SNSF will forge ahead with the changeover from print products to electronic media. We invite you to follow us in making this step.

Daniel Höchli
Director of the Administrative Offices
of the SNSF


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