Making research results available to everyone

In the SNSF's view, scientific publications and their dissemination are an integral part of the research process. Easy and rapid access to research results worldwide is central to scientific progress and hence the very foundation of research. However, published research results not only have direct value for the scientific community, they also hold social and economic benefits for potential target groups from industry, business, the State or the public at large.

As a research funding organisation, the SNSF is also responsible for ensuring the optimum accessibility of research results. In its service level agreement with the Confederation, the SNSF has pledged to make scientific publications rapidly available around the world free of charge by implementing measures aimed at open access (OA).

Both the Global Research Council and Science Europe declared their support for open access in various fundamental documents last year. Some European research funding organisations are already supporting open access to scientific information through sweeping measures. These may include setting up their own repositories or supporting the creation of OA journals. The SNSF, too, aims to expedite open access in coordination with national projects and higher education institutions.

On 1 July 2014, the SNSF will take a further step towards freely accessible research results by extending its open access policy to include book publications. In the future, researchers will be obliged to publish results generated by SNSF-funded research in the form of digital journal articles (OA within 6 months) or monographs (OA 24 months after initial publication at the latest) that are accessible on the Internet free of charge. The SNSF supports the OA publication of research results by awarding grants. In so doing, it is increasing the visibility of Swiss research and matching the open access efforts being made at international and European level.

Ingrid Kissling
Head of Division Humanities and Social Sciences


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