Ecopop is the wrong way forward!

​Isolation as a formula for preserving our natural environment? People who subscribe to this idea and support the Ecopop initiative are wrong on two counts the environment and natural resources can only be effectively protected and studied through cross-border cooperation. And the success of Switzerland - and the strength of its research - is intricately linked to its openness and readiness to connect with the world.The strict limitation of immigration demanded by Ecopop has no effect on the most pressing global challenges with regard to the protection of our environment and basis of existence. Climate change, the development of renewable energies and sustainable food production can only be tackled successfully by the international community as a whole. This is particularly true where rese...

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Making research results available to everyone

In the SNSF's view, scientific publications and their dissemination are an integral part of the research process. Easy and rapid access to research results worldwide is central to scientific progress and hence the very foundation of research. However, published research results not only have direct value for the scientific community, they also hold social and economic benefits for potential target groups from industry, business, the State or the public at large.As a research funding organisation, the SNSF is also responsible for ensuring the optimum accessibility of research results. In its service level agreement with the Confederation, the SNSF has pledged to make scientific publications rapidly available around the world free of charge by implementing measures aimed at open access (OA)....

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Manifesto for an open Switzerland

In geographical terms, Switzerland is dwarfed by its neighbours on the map of Europe. However, when innovation is the scale, our country becomes significantly larger in comparison with the others. The story of Swiss success is underpinned principally by the fact that ours is by far the most international science nation in Europe. In particular, cross-border cooperation makes a quite considerable contribution to the impressive levels of Swiss research output. Switzerland is, and always has been at a crossroads of the scientific world. Many excellent and inquisitive researchers have set up camp here over the years, carrying inspiration for our country in their backpacks! Furthermore, we must not forget that around one third of Swiss researchers work abroad and benefit greatly from the excell...

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