State-of-the-art research "made in Switzerland"

​Internationally renowned and envied by our partners, the NCCRs promote long-term, innovative research projects in areas of vital strategic importance for the future of Swiss science, the Swiss economy and Swiss society. The 14 NCCRs of the first series, concluded in 2013 after 12 years of intensive research work, have produced 24,391 publications, 341 patents and 79 start-ups as well as serving as the training ground for 3105 doctoral students and 1819 postdoctoral researchers.Would such a performance have been possible without highly qualified employees from abroad? The NCCR statistics give a clear answer with regard to the "made in Switzerland" aspect, thanks to which Switzerland is at the cutting edge of research and innovation according to the majority of indicators. Of the 3105 docto...

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Quantifying science - the SNSF signs DORA

​In recent years, rankings, ratings and other quantitative indicators have become a more commonplace feature of research. To an ever greater extent, they determine who deserves support and who does not, which research has achieved excellence and which has not. While no one disagrees that excellence is central to research, there is not always a consensus on how to define it. Perhaps the most widespread indicator in the research world is what is known as the impact factor. This is a figure that provides a straightforward indication of how often, on average, the articles published in one particular journal are cited in other articles. It therefore says nothing about the content or quality of a specific article, only something about the importance of the journal as a whole. So it's hardly surp...

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