Ecopop is the wrong way forward!

​Isolation as a formula for preserving our natural environment? People who subscribe to this idea and support the Ecopop initiative are wrong on two counts the environment and natural resources can only be effectively protected and studied through cross-border cooperation. And the success of Switzerland - and the strength of its research - is intricately linked to its openness and readiness to connect with the world.The strict limitation of immigration demanded by Ecopop has no effect on the most pressing global challenges with regard to the protection of our environment and basis of existence. Climate change, the development of renewable energies and sustainable food production can only be tackled successfully by the international community as a whole. This is particularly true where rese...

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Promoting the research careers of women

Not a week goes by these days without a news report on equal opportunity - and the latest is the 2014 Global Gender Gap Report of the World Economic Forum (WEF). This report analyzed gender gaps in 142 countries based on economic, political, education and health criteria. The results for Switzerland are sobering even though the status of women has improved continuously, progress has slowed down and even come to a halt of late. With respect to academia and research, we note that there is no significant gap in education in Switzerland, yet there is a pronounced gender gap when it comes to the senior or managerial levels, and in the amount of funding allocated. The percentage of female PhD students is rising steadily, yet the percentage of women decreases with each step up the academic career...

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