Career funding is one of the SNSF’s main concerns. Every year, it evaluates more than 2,000 applications from young researchers across all career funding schemes. The applications for career funding are assessed by the National Research Council of the SNSF in established evaluation procedures.

​The SNSF offers various funding schemes for promoting young scientists at different stages in their careers. The funding schemes are open to all researchers with links to Switzerland and all research disciplines and topics (exception: Doc.CH) and have one or more submission deadlines per year. The main career funding schemes of the SNSF are as follows:

  • Doc.CH (limited to the humanities and social sciences)
  • Postdoc.Mobility
  • Ambizione (including Ambizione-PROSPER/SCORE)
  • PRIMA (Promoting Women in Academia)
  • Eccellenza
  • Practice-to-Science

More information on the career funding schemes:

The following sections give a general description of the evaluation procedure for career funding schemes that are evaluated by the SNSF Research Council.

The description of the evaluation procedures is based on the regulations on specific schemes, the Funding Regulations and the Organisational regulations of the National Research Council. Its sole purpose is explanatory and it does not in any circumstances substitute the mentioned regulations.