Research Day

The Research Day is organised by a Swiss university or Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) in collaboration with the SNSF and held at the host university or ETH. This gives the SNSF the opportunity to present itself at two universities each year.

How does the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF) support research projects and young scientists? The purpose of the Research Day is to provide answers to these questions for junior researchers. They will receive information on fellowships and research grants from the SNSF as well as the local research commission. Scientists from the host university who have gained SNSF funding will talk about their experiences. The Commission for Technology and Innovation (NRP 62 is the first research programme to be conducted by the SNSF in collaboration with the CTI) and Euresearch will also be hosting an information stall.


The following talk will then summarise the various funding schemes of the SNSF. A (panel) discussion on "Evaluation: a look behind the scenes" should provide interesting insights into how applications are assessed. Presentations will offer young researchers the opportunity to learn more about eligibility criteria and how to draft applications.

Research Day is open to researchers from all Swiss institutions of higher education. It presents a perfect opportunity for gaining comprehensive information and putting questions to the persons directly responsible. Attendance is free, registration is not required.


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