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The SNSF strives to improve its processes at all times based on scientific knowledge. For this purpose, it may launch public calls for targeted studies and evaluations from time to time. You will also find calls for other services on this page.


Analysis of the organisational structure of National Research Programmes NRP
- Invitation to tender

The SNSF is inviting tenders for an analysis of the current organisational structure of NRPs, its strengths and its weaknesses. The question arises as to whether the current organisational structure of NRPs is in line with the purpose and subject of NRPs. The analysis should either lead to a proposal for an optimised organisational structure or provide the necessary information and documentation for developing an optimised structure. The analysis should focus on the following three questions:

  • Is the current organisational structure suited to the purpose and subject of NRPs and the existing regulations?
  • Against the background of the purpose and subject of NRPs, which adaptations could lead to a more efficient and effective organisational structure?
  • Is the current organisational structure of NRPs suited to good corporate governance (e.g. separation of powers between management, steering and supervisory bodies)?

As several funding agencies in Europe have set up research programmes with similar objectives to those of the NRPs, a comparison with some of these programmes could prove useful.

Tenders must be submitted to the Head of Division, Dimitri Sudan (dimitri.sudan@, by 30 April 2020. They must include:

  • A brief description of the issues and challenges involved in the organisational structure of NRPs from the point of view of the tendering team;
  • Intended methodological procedure for analysing the organisational structure;
  • Information on how the SNSF is expected to support the analysis;
  • Schedule and costs;
  • Team and references, if applicable outlining the experience gained in similar projects.

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