Gender Equality

With appropriate measures, the SNSF aims to contribute to gender equality in research funding. It has adopted the principle of gender mainstreaming and defined gender equality as a target for all its bodies and across all its activities.

The SNSF has defined its commitment to gender equality in a mission statement. Apart from the principles, the document also sets out gender equality standards and measures for research funding and the Administrative Offices.

SNSF Mission Statement on Equality between women and men (PDF, 60 KB)

In collaboration with the Gender Equality Commission, the Gender Equality Office supports and advises SNSF bodies in implementing gender equality measures. The groundbreaking study on Gender and Research Funding (GEFO, 2008) identified areas where measures might be taken.

Within its means, the SNSF is committed to improving the quota of women - both in research funding and in its bodies - with appropriate measures.

Gender equality measures


Gender Equality division