International Co-operation

The prime focus of the SNSF's international activities is to remove obstacles to international co-operation and facilitate cross-border collaboration between research groups.

At the heart of the SNSF's activities are the added value that international co-operation represents for Swiss research and the needs of researchers. The SNSF is therefore pursuing two main goals:

  • raise scientific capacities in developing and transition countries to an international level and give Swiss researchers access to research groups in those countries
  • support existing co-operation with emerging, industrialised and European countries, facilitate new initiatives and secure access to European Framework Programmes and other international research programmes for Swiss researchers

The SNSF has published a strategy paper on its international co-operation policies.

SNSF international co-operation strategy 2018 (PDF, 114 KB)

European co-operation

The SNSF regards the EU Framework Programmes as central to the international success of Swiss research and innovation. It has commented on these programmes in its position papers.

Horizon 2020

In a joint statement with its ERI partners, the SNSF supports Swiss participation in the framework programme "Horizon 2020".

Statement of SNSF and ERI partners (FUTURE News No. 43): "Research and innovation: it is time to renew the partnership with the EU" (PDF, 155 KB)

In collaboration with the umbrella organisation Science Europe and the contact office SwissCore in Brussels, the SNSF is monitoring the development of the European research area. In the context of "Horizon 2020", its main concerns are the promotion of mobility and participation requirements.


Interdisciplinary and International Co-operation division