Open Access to Publications

The results of research financed by public funds are regarded as a public good and should be published electronically so that they are immediately available without charge and can be reused by third parties. The SNSF supports the principle of free accessibility: it has adopted the aim that all publications resulting from its funding will be openly accessible as of 2020.

Numerous studies have shown that Open Access (OA) publishing helps boost the visibility of research among researchers, the media and the general public. It promotes research efficiency, the transfer of knowledge and the efficient use of resources, while accelerating scientific progress. Increasingly, OA is regarded as a new international standard of excellence for scientific research, offering new opportunities for partnerships, quality control and funding.

Within the framework of the SNSF's OA policy, grantees are required to publish the results of their research in the form of Open Access publications, either as articles in scientific journals or as books. There are two main approaches to meeting the SNSF OA commitment: the "Gold Road" or direct publication in an Open Access journal as an Open Access book or book chapter; and the "Green Road" or self-archiving in an institutional or disciplinary repository after publication by a publisher.


Open Access to Publications


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