Open Access to Publications

The SNSF supports the principle of open electronic access to scientific knowledge nationally and internationally. The SNSF requires grantees to provide open access to research results obtained with the help of SNSF grants.

Research funded by the public should be publicly accessible as far as possible, not least in the interests of science itself. The SNSF is looking to achieve this goal by following two paths:

  • Green Road of Open Access (OA): researchers funded by the SNSF are obligated to, at least, self-archive their work in an institutional or specialist repository in addition to having it published in a journal (provided that there are no unsurmountable legal or technical obstacles).
  • Gold Road to OA: the SNSF supports the Gold Road to OA by enabling researchers to cover the costs of direct publications in pure OA journals via their project budgets.

SNSF regulations afford freedom of choice

The OA provisions of the SNSF as set out in the Regulations on information, valorisation and rights to research results (clause 4) give researchers freedom of choice with regard to the place of publication and OA road.

OA principles of Science Europe

The 51 member organisations of the umbrella organisation Science Europe are making a concerted effort to ensure that the results of research and innovation funded by public money in Europe are made available by means of a free-of-charge online system. They have defined a list with ten principles which are to lend coherency and consistency to their OA efforts. Through its active participation in Science Europe, the SNSF has contributed to the position paper and committed itself to the principles mentioned therein.

Open Access Monitoring Report

The SNSF carried out a self-evaluation of his Open Access activities in the period from October 2013 to August 2015. In addition he verified the researchers compliance with the SNSF guidelines.

Analysis of the Financial Flows of Swiss publication system

A study jointly financed by the SNSF and swissuniversities developed Open Access scenarios for scientific publishing in Switzerland. The study is in keeping with the SNSF's commitment to open access and contributes to the debate about a national Open Access strategy for Switzerland.

Introduction and FAQs

The SNSF offers an introduction to Open Acces along with further information sources (without claiming that the information provided is exhaustive) and provides FAQs.


Open Access to Publications


Open Access to Publications