h) Why not run both an SNSF Starting/Consolidator grant and a grant received later from the ERC, e.g. submitted in 2016 in the call ERC-StG/CoG-2016 (start date February 2017)?

​The SNSF cannot “prohibit” SNSF Starting/Consolidator grant holders to apply (and potentially receive) ERC grants at a later stage.

However, both the ERC and the SNSF require a minimum work-time of 50% at a host institution and the applicant should devote 50% of his/her working time to the project. In addition, he/she will have to work for the host institution (e.g. teaching). Hence, the SNSF considers that two ERC-type grants in parallel are not feasible – the same rule is applied by the ERC. Consequently, if a researcher should obtain an ERC grant in any call issued after the ERC Consolidator Grant call 2014, he/she will have to cancel the SNSF grant.