International advisory board

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The international advisory board will provide us with ideas and recommendations on how we could develop the strategy of the SNSF in the long term.

The five members of the advisory board are from the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Sweden and Switzerland. They are all influential thin-kers in their respective discipline.

Pearl Dykstra, professor in Rotterdam, advises the European Commissi-on on economic issues. The former Swedish state secretary Agneta Bladh is an expert on the growing internationalisation of research. Willi Paul was head of ABB's corporate research centre until 2014, where he acquired a wealth of knowledge on research-driven innovation in pri-vate companies. Caroline Basset, professor at the University of Sussex, is known for her work on the impact and potential of digital media. And Frank Miedema, professor in Utrecht, is one of the leading champions of a more open science that is aware of its social responsibilities and acts accordingly.

The members of the international advisory board