Coronavirus: SNSF update

On this page, you will find all information relevant to the coronavirus crisis. The page is regularly updated. Your questions on projects, deadlines and grants are answered in the FAQs.


Scientists to advise the government

The Swiss government has appointed a scientific advisory body to assist the authorities in overcoming the coronavirus crisis. The "Swiss National Covid-19 Task Force" is headed by Matthias Egger, president of the National Research Council of the SNSF and epidemiologist at the University of Bern. The members of the body are all experts in relevant fields. They will advise the federal government and the cantons based on the latest scientific knowledge. In addition, they are expected to define research topics and special measures. The task force combines initiatives and competencies of the SNSF, the ETH Domain, the Swiss Academies of Arts and Sciences and swissuniversities.

Press release of the Swiss government Members of the task force​​

​ 30.03.2020

Extending projects

We have defined the deadlines and conditions for the extension of projects. Please read the FAQs, which are regularly updated.

Researchers whose project ends before 31 December 2020 will get a cost-neutral extension of a maximum of six months. If there isn’t enough money left for the extension period, you may apply for an extension grant - provided the project cannot be completed in the context of another SNSF project. For the time being, extension grants will last for up to two months.

For projects that end after 31 December 2020, please submit an application for a cost-neutral extension two to four months before the end of your project.

You can extend the deadline for scientific and financial projects for a maximum of two months.

Will there be a gap in your funding if you wait until 1 October 2020 to submit the application for continuation of your research? The SNSF can give you a grant to bridge the gap between 1 October 2020 and 31 March 2021.



We are here to help

In spite of the pandemic, the SNSF’s services for researchers are continuing as usual. Thanks to teleworking and video conferences, we are able to conduct the evaluation process in the different funding schemes as planned. We are moving dates where this is necessary. We would like to thank our staff, the members of evaluation bodies and the reviewers for their flexibility and commitment in the current situation. Researchers can find the latest information about special measures in response to the Covid-19 crisis and current calls on our website. If you have any further questions, please get in touch with the relevant division.

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​​ 26.03.2020

A host of ideas for coronavirus research

Within 20 days, researchers have submitted 270 applications for the special call. The majority are biomedical, but there are also 75 projects from the humanities and social sciences.

News "A host of ideas for coronavirus research"


"Remove paywalls on scientific publications!"

In response to the Covid-19 pandemic, swissuniversities, the Swiss National Science Foundation and the Consortium of Swiss Academic Libraries appeal to all publishing houses to make their publications freely accessible.

News "Remove paywalls on scientific publications!"


Requests will be dealt with at pace

Is the coronavirus crisis affecting your research? Do you need to extend the duration of your project or do you require additional funding? Please read the news we published on 19 March 2020. If you have any further questions, please contact the responsible division of the SNSF. We will deal with requests quickly and unbureaucratically.

News "Pandemic: SNSF provides flexible solutions for researchers"


Extension of mobility fellowships

Around 400 researchers will conclude their mobility fellowship between 30 April and 31 December 2020 (Doc.Mobility, Early Postdoc.Mobility, Postdoc.Mobility and Advanced Postdoc.Mobility). As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, many researchers cannot do their work or are limited in what they can achieve. The SNSF is therefore introducing a special measure that will allow affected researchers to extend their fellowship by two months. To cover the costs, it will make available 4 million francs. Researchers can apply for this extension on mySNF as a supplementary grant with the reference "Covid-19". (The mySNF platform will be upgraded in the next few days.)

Fellowship holders affected by the Covid-19 pandemic can also request an extension if their fellowship does not end by 31 December 2020 or if they need more than a two-month extension. Such applications need to be submitted two to four months before the end of the fellowship.

FAQs on Covid-19 for mobility fellowship holders Contacts


Pandemic: the SNSF provides flexible solutions for researchers

The Covid-19 pandemic has created problems for researchers. The SNSF is therefore offering whatever support it can. For example, it has moved the submission deadline for project funding proposals to 8 April 2020.

News "Pandemic: the SNSF provides flexible solutions for researchers"


Special call for research on coronaviruses

The SNSF has launched a special emergency call for coronavirus research. The aim is to gain a better understanding of the virus and improve the clinical and public health response.

News "Special call for research on coronaviruses"



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