Horizons magazine: Fixing Science


Too many articles, too many irreproducible results. The latest issue of Horizons looks at some answers to the problems facing science. The Swiss research magazine has also asked party leaders their view on science before the autumn election.

​Science has never been as productive as today. Each year, thousands of scientific articles are published in every discipline. But this profusion presents science with a problem, as too many articles appear irrelevant, and too many results cannot be reproduced. Horizons looks at how these problems arise and investigates whether new forms of peer review and online publication can offer specific solutions.

A second focus in the September issue are the autumn elections. The Swiss research magazine has asked party leaders for their thoughts about science. Brief answers can be found on a double-page spread, while the full responses will be published at www.sciencedebate.ch on 7 September.

Other articles in this issue look at crowdfunding in science, new options for treating heart disease and Europe’s refugee crisis.

Horizons 106, September 2015: New paths for science (article and web magazine)

The Swiss research magazine Horizons reports on innovation in science and discusses research policy issues of global importance. Horizons is published four times a year by the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF) and the Swiss Academies of Arts and Sciences. It is printed in German and French, and an English version is available online.


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