Submitting a grant application

From registration to entering the budget: how do you submit your application to the SNSF and what do you need to bear in mind?

We are gradually replacing the mySNF online platform with the new SNSF Portal. Depending on the funding scheme, you will need to submit your application either in mySNF as before, or on the new SNSF Portal. Please refer to our overview page.

Project funding applications have been entered in the SNSF Portal since July 2023. Further calls will follow from 2024. And from 2026, we will launch calls for all funding schemes on the SNSF Portal.

In the application, the SNSF asks for data that are relevant for the evaluation. The data management plan, for example, is only required for approved projects and does not have to be submitted with the application.

Our platforms assist you in entering and submitting applications. On the SNSF Portal, you can prepare applications collaboratively with your team.

Please note that all applicants and project partners must enter their personal data in the proposal themselves. Only then can you submit your proposal. Invite all applicants and project partners as contributors to the proposal early on, so that they have enough time to create a user account if necessary and to enter their data in the SNSF Portal.

  • How does one register for the SNSF Portal?

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    In order to submit an application on the SNSF Portal, you need to log in to the portal with your SWITCH edu-ID. Step-by-step instructions are available for the first login.

  • How do I create my CV?

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    With each grant application, you submit a curriculum vitae (CV) in accordance with the SNSF's requirements. The following page provides information about the CV format and explains how to create the CV.

  • How do I enter the research team?

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    Please enter your research team. The SNSF distinguishes between applicants, project partners and employees. The guide explains how to enter the research team.

  • How do I enter the budget?

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    Based on your budget information, we will estimate the funding required for the project. Planned costs must be both reasonable and comprehensible. These guidelines are intended to help you submit an appropriate budget.

  • What data is exchanged?

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    The SNSF may forward your application to your research institution, e.g. for declarations and confirmations. Not all research institutions make use of this option. The following overview shows all entities to whom the SNSF transmits data.