Equality, diversity and inclusion in research funding

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The SNSF pursues the goal of equality of opportunity for all groups represented in society through a series of wide-ranging measures. It offers a number of funding schemes for this purpose.

Diversity and equal opportunities are key considerations in ensuring high-quality research that benefits people from all walks of life. That’s why the SNSF seeks to identify and monitor EDI issues in all its selection processes. In addition, it offers funding schemes and supplementary measures which provide particular support to the careers of women and other groups that are underrepresented in research.

The SNSF constantly adapts its measures to evolving needs by following developments in Switzerland and abroad.

  • Funding schemes

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    Careers These funding schemes focus on researchers. They can apply for a fellowship or a salary for themselves for a project they devised. Depending on the funding scheme, they can also apply for further funding to carry out the project.

    SNSF Starting Grants The SNSF Starting Grants funding scheme includes a budget reserved for women.

    Spark enables researchers to test or develop new and unconventional scientific approaches, methods, theories, standards and ideas within a short time. It is designed for projects that show unconventional thinking and introduce a unique approach.

    BRIDGE enables researchers to translate their findings rapidly into applications and services. This scheme is funded jointly by the SNSF and Innosuisse.

    SOR4D is a programme launched by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) and the SNSF to support solution-oriented research.

    SPIRIT promotes cross-border collaboration between researchers in Switzerland and in selected countries that receive development assistance. This scheme has a special focus on equality of opportunity and promoting female researchers, as well as on raising awareness of gender-specific issues.

    Agora fosters dialogue between scientists and society. It encourages researchers to communicate their current research to an audience of lay people.

  • Supplementary measures

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  • Awards

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  • Work-life balance

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    More information coming soon.

    • Becoming a parent
    • Part-time working
  • PRIMA leadership programme

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    The PRIMA leadership programme is offered to all women who receive funding through the Eccellenza, SNF Starting Grants and PRIMA schemes. The PRIMA leadership programme is a unique opportunity to acquire basic and advanced leadership skills, enabling the participants to build and lead inclusive teams. The programme includes courses that help them plan their next career steps.

  • Literature review

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    The SNSF’s Gender Equality Commission (GECo) commissioned an extensive overview of measures that encourage female researchers and how effective they are. The report was drafted by a research team at Basel University, headed by Andrea Zimmermann. It presents the innovations identified on the basis of three key dimensions: a) increasing the proportion of female researchers; b) encouraging an inclusive working environment; c) gender-neutral knowledge creation.

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