NRP 13 "Research in Micro- and Opto-electronics"

The core research focus of the National Research Programme “Research in Micro and Opto-electronics” (NRP 13) was structured as follows:

  • Silicon technology
  • Design of circuits and CAD (Computer Assisted Design)
  • Opto-electronics
  • Sensors

On 9 June 1986, the Federal Council approved an implementation plan to extend NRP 13. This permitted additional research work to be undertaken in the areas of VLSI (Very Large Scale Integration) systems and telecommunications.

Facts and figures
Overall grantCHF 23,000,000
President of the Expert GroupMartin Peter
Programme DirectorMarc Ilegems
Completion of research work​1991

Final report

NFP 13: Recherches dans le domaine de la micro- et opto-électronique/NFP 13: Forschung auf dem Gebiet der Mikro- und Optoelektronik, Hrsg. Schweiz. Nationalfonds/ Technische Rundschau, Hallwag AG, Bern, 1992