NCCR Microbiomes

2020 series

Home institutions: University of Lausanne, ETH Zurich

The NCCR Microbiomes proposes an experimental approach to investigating the interaction of microorganisms in a range of systems (human, animal, plant and the environment). This comprehensive approach has been judged to be innovative and unique. The project is highly interdisciplinary, embracing the life sciences, medicine, bioinformatics, nutritional science and environmental science.

Microorganisms are generally considered as dangerous pathogens. This rather simplistic view does not tell the whole story. Human, animal and plant life is closely linked to the unseen world of microorganisms. Complex and diverse communities of microorganisms populate each human being, animal and plant. These communities, known as microbiomes, play a major role in our lives and our environment, influencing important processes such as protection against disease, nutrient absorption and maintaining a healthy environment.

In the medium term, this research has the potential to create new bases for ground-breaking innovation in major sections of the economy and society, such as nutrition, personalised medicine, medical diagnostics, agriculture and the environment.

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