International Co-operation

The SNSF’s strategic objective in international co-operation is to facilitate and optimise global scientific collaboration and exchange.

Our activities aim to foster cross-border co-operation to the benefit of Swiss science. Through our international activities, we contribute to the increase of research capacity in Switzerland and abroad.​​

We base our international co-operation on the following principles and on the explicit understanding that these principles are shared with its co-operating partners:

  • Global approach. We connect researchers globally.
  • Simplicity. We promote simple procedures, aiming to include international collaboration and mobility in regular research funding whenever possible.
  • Multilateral co-operation and knowledge circulation. We enable and promote talent circulation and the resulting exchange of ideas including free access to publications and data resulting from international projects.
  • Good scientific practice. We are committed to collaboration that is transparent, treats all applicants on an equal basis, promotes research integrity, and respects human rights as well as the legal framework of research, both during the evaluation process and in conducting research projects.
  • Academic freedom. We support the principle of research freedom and defend scientific autonomy, in a spirit of trust in scientists.
  • Excellence. We make scientific excellence the main criterion for allocating funds.

The SNSF has published a strategy paper on its international co-operation policies.

SNSF international co-operation strategy (PDF)

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