MAPS – Multilateral Academic Projects

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MAPS is a multilateral initiative that supports collaborative research projects between scientists based in Switzerland and their colleagues in Bulgaria, Croatia, Hungary, Poland and Romania.

MAPS promotes knowledge circulation by providing cross-border collaboration opportunities with Bulgaria, Croatia, Hungary, Poland and Romania. The instrument aims at increasing the competitiveness in the European Research Area and responds to the scientific community’s demand for more international integration and cooperation with colleagues based in Switzerland as well as Europe.

MAPS is one of the three funding instruments offered by the SNSF as part of the Second Swiss contribution to selected EU member states. The mandate was given by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC). The cooperation in the field of scientific research between Switzerland and the participating EU-13 countries builds on previous experience in three bilateral programmes with Bulgaria, Croatia and Romania.

Joint Research Projects

MAPS will be implemented through Joint Research Projects that are aimed at promoting collaborative projects with clearly defined goals, involving at least one applicant based in Switzerland and two to five additional applicants from two to five of the participating EU-13 countries. Research is carried out at the respective research facilities involved, while reciprocal visits and short stays may also be supported.

The maximum amount of funding for each team in each country is 350,000 francs for four years. The JRPs have a duration of between 36 and 48 months. The call for proposals will be open to all research areas.


Applicants based in Switzerland must meet the regular eligibility criteria of SNSF project funding. In each participating country, a Support Measure Partner (SMP) is responsible for the implementation of MAPS. Please note that each SMP has its own restrictions on the eligibility of potential applicants and proposals. Before applying, please consult Annex 2 of the call document, which will contain each SMP’s eligibility rules, additional requirements, funding mandates, policies and eligible costs.

The call was opened on 2 April 2024. For further information, please consult the section «News» below.